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Rev. Dr. Calvin R. Holloway

was born in Miami, Florida. He is the eldest of three sons born to the late Shirley and the late Calvin Holloway Sr. Rev. Holloway is truly a man of God. He is a man who not only teaches and preaches the Word of God, but also practices what he preaches.

Rev. Holloway was married to the late Georgetta Harris Holloway.  They parented two beautiful daughters, Khristian Denise and Kearra Danielle.

Rev. Holloway received his Bachelor of Art degree in Theological Studies and Pastoral Care from American Baptist College in Nashville, Tennessee, and a Masters of Divinity in Pastoral Ministry from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He also received his Doctor of Ministry degree with a concentration in Black Church Leadership & Administration from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in May 2005.

In January of 1994, he was called to Pastor the Second Baptist Church in Fairfield, Kentucky. Under his leadership Second Baptist has grown numerically and spiritually. Under his leadership several new ministries have been added and old ones have been strengthen. Just to name a few new ministries: Womans Ministry, Couples Bible Study class, New membership class, Discipleship class, Teen Ministry, Mens Bible Class, Media Ministry.

Rev. Holloway is also the Manager of the Counseling & Family Service department at the Cabbage Patch Settlement House in Louisville, Kentucky where he has been employed since 1991.

How can they hear without a preacher?

How can they preach unless they are sent?

How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the gospel.

--Romans 10:14-15

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